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Fast, reliable, affordable, & live up to expectations. I highly recommend. 

Sandrine ngo

Great experience. Professional service - Melissa BAMBA

I love them . I love how they do business and all of they staff are nice also if your planning to have braids i highly recommend this salon btw this is not i paid advertisement its my own opinion and also they're going to make sure that your having a wonderful braid and thats what i love about them. - eric ronquillo

Friendly and professional - sweeteyes Babe

Very courteous and professional! My braids were perfect !! - Vanessa Vertus

Top professionalism, service, great hairdressing time ... I highly recommend it - Andie Nsangou

Sweet, attentive, but above all professional. Well done, Melissandre, for your great work! Always a pleasure for me to go to this show. I finally found a salon that suits me. - Jenny A


Excellent service! - Aleksandar Tray Ivanov

The best value for money for braids, twists, etc. Come quickly to make an appointment !! - Melissandre Nsoumb

Super really nice hairdresser and especially who combs really well! Very good location, clean lounge and good prices. I highly recommend ! - Julia

Excellent Hairdressers - N S-M

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