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Wig Making, Montréal

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Come by our hair salon to discover our selection of affordable wigs. We are based in Montréal.

Custom Wig Making in Montréal

Not impressed by the wigs on display? Do you have specific needs and require a custom wig? You can customize it by adding your own extensions or by choosing the ones available at the salon. You may also order wigs with closures or lace front that blend in perfectly with your hair.

Our tailor-made wigs are made to fit your head size and go completely unnoticed.

Wig Making Montréal
Our Services :
  • Braids with Faux Locs
  • Weaves
  • Crochet Braids
  • Wig Making
Our Strengths :
  • Commitment
  • Extensive Experience
  • Convenient Location
  • Pleasant Setting
Zone of intervention :

Feel free to visit our hair salon if you are in Brossard, Terrebonne or the surrounding areas.

Short, Medium and Long Length Wigs Made to Measure

Are you looking for a particular hairstyle? Do you prefer to use a wig to avoid long weaving sessions? Visit our hair salon and take advantage of our products and personalized services.

Both light and comfortable, our wigs are adapted to all hair lengths and styles. There's also a vast array of options if you wish to change your hairdo quickly. These include crochet braids, braids with faux locs and weaves.

We offer high-quality, low-maintenance and natural-looking wigs.

Wig Making Terrebonne

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